Do you want to be an extra in a feature film?

We’ve heard from many of you about being an extra in Rising Star after the site went live. What to do? What to do?

Well, the production team got together to figure out how to allow you to be a part of the film. Today, just days after launching our fund raising campaign – after all we can’t make the film unless we raise enough money – we are very happy to launch this…

Do you want to be an extra in Rising Star?

If the Extra’s form is not displayed, click here.

  • So Kesha

    I wish you all luck on this project! I think it's a great story line…

    I am a CT Resident, and have been most of my life; I am excited to see BIG things arising from here; actually I wouldn't mind being a part of it so if you happen to need assistance I would definitely be interested.

    I have experience in the video production background (Camera Operating, Producing, etc…)

    Don't hesitate to ask, and i'll be happy to provide my stats. =)
    Again Good luck guys!!

  • Kristen

    My mom actually sent me the link regarding your movie project. I thnk this is a great opportunity and would really enjoy being a part of it! I've got some experience in photography and would liketo showcase my talent. I'm versitile and can perform if needed 🙂