Business Card – A contest for you, our fans!

Guess what we don’t have, besides 100% funding… Business cards. The trouble is we do not have a graphic artist in the production team.

Are you a graphic designer or think you can make the best of the best business card?

If so, we have a challenge for you, our fans…

Create a 2 sided business card for the film.

It must include:

  • Rising Star the movie (not case sensitive)
  • logo
  • Phone number: Why I work 24/7 ! — y1work2471 — (919-675-2471)
  • Created by a fan: your name

Note: All artwork must be original or in the public domain.

Upload your design to the Rising Star the Movie – Business Cards Album:

Deadline: July 17th (Sat) 11:59 pm CT time

Ready? … Set? … Go!