Partnership with R.J. Kinsella School of Performing Arts

R.J. Kinsella School of Performing Arts

Connecticut Independent Film “Rising Star” Forms Educational Partnership

On Tuesday, July 20, Rising Star reached an agreement with the R.J. Kinsella School of Performing Arts in Hartford, Connecticut, to integrate a filmmaking education component into the production of the film. Starting in September 2010, Rising Star filmmakers will meet weekly with seventh and eighth grade multimedia students at Kinsella, teaching them the basics of making a movie. Then, when the film begins shooting on October 17, those same students will be able to watch the production of the film, on set, as it’s being made. Once the film is completed, the filmmakers will have three additional weekly meetings to talk about what they learned, and the final stages of making the film.

“Incorporating education into the making of this movie has been one of our highest priorities,” writer/director Marty Lang said. “Being able to work with Connecticut’s young people is something I really wanted to do as a part of the project, and it really separates us from the other independent films being made in Connecticut, as well as nationally. This is a unique partnership, and I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to start it this fall.”

Classes leading up to the production of the film will focus on topics like writing, directing, and preparing to make a movie. Lang, an adjunct professor of film, video and interactive media at Quinnipiac University, will lead the classes, and they will also include additional speakers who are working in key positions on the film. After shooting has ended, classes will focus on editing, sound, music and distribution of film.

With the explosion of film production in Connecticut since the introduction of a tax incentive program for the film industry, educational opportunities for Connecticut residents have started, including the nationally-recognized Connecticut Film Industry Training Program, where Lang works as Assistant Director. This program allows state residents 18 and over to be trained to work on film and television sets in a number of crew positions. This partnership will extend these educational opportunities to students at an even younger age.

“When I was in middle school, I had dreams of being in the movies, and of one day getting into this wonderful industry,” Lang said. “With this partnership, Kinsella students will be able to learn about what goes into making a movie, and actually see the making of one firsthand. If I had been exposed to this at that age, it would have been a life-altering experience. I truly hope this will be that kind of experience for our students.”

The partnership was formed with the help of Eddie Duran, artistic coordinator at Kinsella, and principal Pamela Totten-Alvarado. For more information about the partnership, or about Rising Star, please email writer/director Marty Lang at