The Alyza Challenge

Meet Alyza!

She’s got her act together!

Alyza is a freelance videographer in the Greater Hartford area, working for local businesses to create advertisements for cable, and creating video pieces for corporate presentations. She grew up in Hartford, the daughter of an English professor father and a Democratic union organizer mother. The product of public schooling and public university education, Alyza loves poetry, music, and dance, and is a bright presence in the Hartford independent arts scene. You can see her at local open mic nights, music performances, and dance events.

Well, sort of…

The Alyza Challenge

We’ve been given a make or break deal by our writer/director Marty Lang. He said:

“Okay, if you can get more people to say she should be vegan/veg, she’ll be vegan/vegetarian in the script.”

Our Sustainability Planner, Ali Berman, is elated. She is going to run with this in a big way.

Why is she so excited?

Well, since the early days of film what is and isn’t cool, behavior placement, has been defined on screen. Smoking, travel, etc. Recently TV networks and filmmakers have been focusing on sustainable actions. Ali wants Rising Star to be a part of this trend.

Throwing something into the trash? Oh no, no no. Put a recycling bin into the shot and voila! Subtle things like this get into our heads. It can be a good thing like recycling or buying locally, or a bad thing like smoking.

Film influences us and we don’t even notice it.

This is why Ali is so excited. Alyza is not your average female character. If she’s cool and eco-friendly, well, if you grew up in the 90’s you might remember wanting to “Be Like Mike” now is the time to “Be Like Alyza.

What can you do?

Here are ways you can make your opinion heard:

Log on to Twitter (Create an account if you don’t have one)
Follow: @RisingStarMovie
Retweet: Alyza #VeganVegRS @RisingStarMovie OR Alyza #OmnivoreRS @RisingStarMovie

Post a comment
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Write a blog about it
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Post a YouTube video
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The Deadline:

You’ve got until the end of our Kickstarter fund raising campaign. That means on September 15th 10th at 10 PM Eastern time voting ends.

UPDATE 8/16 @ 15:00 – Contest ends on 09/10/10 at 10 PM Eastern

Start tweeting, posting to our Facebook Page Wall, writing blogs, posting videos and pictures.

Tell us… What food should Alyza be eating in the movie?


Due to an overwhelming response from the vegan community Marty Lang has decided to end the contest early. The result: Alyza will be a vegan. Watch the announcement here: The Alyza Challenge – Update… End?!

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