Marty Lang… Singer (Dancer) ?

Hi there. What can be done in just over 48 hours?

  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Get the writer/director of Rising Star to sing a song (and dance?).

You read that correctly.

If there is one thing I aim to do as a producer is to keep the cast & crew guessing and to keep you, our supporters, happy! Earlier this week we launched THE ALYZA CHALLENGE and it has created a massive amount of buzz about our film.

Last night I thought would people want to see me do something strange or silly? Probably not, I’m an actor, that’s what actors do… But what if Marty did something silly? Standing at 6′ 8” he’s not the kind of person you expect to see sing… Or Dance?

Here’s the deal, just like with Kickstarter it’s all or nothing, if pledges exceed $500.00 by Friday (8/20) at 10pm EDT Marty will sing a song selected by someone who pledges between now and Friday at 10pm EDT. That means you can increase your existing pledge or post a new pledge.

If we don’t reach $500… No singing Marty.

What’s this about dancing? Marty might have thought I was kidding, but if we receive $1,000 by Friday at 10pm he’ll sing the song selected and he’ll dance while singing the song. =) Sorry Marty. =p

After you pledge, post your song idea as a comment below. Remember, Marty is an 80’s child so hair bands and even 90’s boy bands are fair game.

One last thing.

This video will ONLY be available to backers! And, funding pending, on the Special Edition DVD.

Here’s Marty’s take on this idea. Watch the video on our Kickstarter page.