Awesome Video #3

Renee Wicklund is Awesome!

What goes into making an Awesome Video? With two Awesome Videos complete I thought it was time to let you in on our secret… We’re wizards.

Technology wizards!

Our backers fill out an online form that submits to a spreadsheet which then emails Mike, Matt and me with every detail entered by our Awesome Stars!. It’s pretty… Awesome!

Mike and Matt put this video together with the following information provided by Renee. All personal private information has been removed. Based on her answers, we know she had fun answering our questions. Yes, lawyers have fun like everyone else. =) Thanks Renee!

* What is your name? — Renee Wicklund
* What is your sex? — Very sexy.
* What do you do for a living? — I’m a writer and a lawyer.
* Do you have any hobbies? — Grooming cats.
* Do you like to party? — Sigh. Not really.
* Where are you from? — Apalachin, New York.
* Do you play any sports? — Yes.
* Would you like us to do a shout out? — No Thanks.
* Is there anything that you would like us to say? — “We bow in worship of the goddess Renee”?
* Put anything you want us to potentially talk about here that wasn’t covered by the questions above. — The need for GT’s organic raw kombucha to return, quickly.

Enjoy the most Awesome Video in the world!

Thanks for supporting Rising Star, Renee!