Awesome Video #4

Tim is Awesome!

Mike and Matt put this video together with the following information provided by Tim. All personal private information has been removed. Based on his answers, Tim may have something he needs to say about a certain place in CT. Mike and Matt can help. Start practicing your whistle Awesome Tim… Tim Awesome…

What is your name? — Tim
What is your sex? — man
What do you do for a living? — I work in radio, so I delegate everything and give concert tickets to my friends
Do you have any hobbies? — nope
Do you like to party? — I like to party
Where are you from? — old wethersfield, the o-dub, the golden ghetto, the oldest town in CT
Do you play any sports? — is eating a sport?
Would you like us to do a shout out? — nope
Is there anything that you would like us to say? — Wethersfield is the oldest town in CT…and windsor bleeeeeep — I’ve removed this portion of Tim’s submission to protect you all. Tim made his point CLEAR to us but Mike and Matt have something to add to what Tim said. =) Rock on Tim!

I’m feeling a bit wound up thanks to Mike and Matt.

Have an Old, er, Spicey, er, AWESOME time watching our latest AWESOME VIDEO!

Thanks for supporting Rising Star, Tim!