Sold Out Rough Cut Screening

(Fade to Black)
“Here. We. Go.”

And with those words spoken four trailers played followed by the first rough cut version of Rising Star the Movie at The Mark Twain House & Museum on Friday 02/25/11 to a sold out house.

I was able to record 6 minutes of footage before things got under way.

Watching it again I found was able to feel the energy in the room as though I were still sitting in the room and hope you can get a sense of what it was like if you couldn’t be there.

A few snippets about the evening:

  • The Mark Twain House & Museum’s amazing staff were amazing
  • Over 240 people attended the sold out screening
  • Two screening rooms were necessary
  • Jacques Lamarre of The Mark Twain House introduced the event
  • Marty spoke with the audience and introduced the rough cut
  • Four trailers were played
    David Branin’s “Goodbye Promise” —
    AD Calvo’s “The Melancholy Fantastic” —
    Gary King’s “How to Write a Joe Schermann Song” —
    Gary Fierro’s “Firefly Jar”–
  • Lucas McNelly of “A Year Without Rent” — — was on hand to document the evening and to get behind the scenes footage/photos
  • A feedback questionnaire was handed out to attendees to help improve the film
  • A Q&A session wrapped the evening

It was an amazing evening. Amazing! I’m still reeling from the fact that we shot Rising Star in October and screened an 87 minute rough cut version of the film last night. If you’re counting, that’s only four (4) months from principal photography to screening a rough cut. Wow.

PS – Sorry about the shaky footage.