A Year Without Rent & Us

A Year Without RentLucas McNelly, @lcmnelly on Twitter, stopped by to see how things were treating Rising Star during post-production. He visited Marty and Alec while they were editing the film and then attended the rough cut premiere at The Mark Twain House and Museum. He slept, well, wherever he could.

For the next year this will be a normal thing for Lucas. His project, A YEAR WITHOUT RENT@yearwithoutrent on Twitter, will take him all over the USA and beyond the borders to help filmmakers with their film in whatever way he can.

Below are a series of videos Lucas posted to his project page. Every commercial that plays will help Lucas because it ads to his budget. So, feel free to lend him a hand by refreshing and then replaying each of the videos. 😉




We’ve left DREAM LOVER behind (but we have more video on the way). But first, we’re in Rhode Island, as Marty Lang and Alec Asten prep RISING STAR for a test screening tomorrow in Hartford.

RISING STAR screening, Part 1



Marty Lang sits down with us minutes before the rough cut screening of his feature-length debut RISING STAR.
He’s nervous.

Conversations with Lucas: Marty Lang



Filmmaker Marty Lang talks to Lucas about his test screening while the whole experience is still fresh

RISING STAR screening, Part 2



Actor & Producer Gary Ploski reflects just after the sold out rough cut screening of his film RISING STAR.

Follow Lucas as he travels the country on http://ayearwithoutrent.com, on Twitter @lcmnelly & @yearwithoutrent or on Facebook https://facebook.com/AYearWithoutRent.

Best of luck Lucas! You’re doing something amazing.