Sundance, Kickstarter & Walken

Hey everyone, Marty here.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone, and let y’all know what I (and we) have been up to this summer. Our post-production has been on hold for a little while, because our composer/sound designer, Tom Varga, got an amazing job. He works as a sound mixer on films and TV shows, and he got an offer to sound mix a movie called Gods Behaving Badly, starring Christopher Walken, Alicia Silverstone, Sharon Stone and John Turturro.

So while he’s been on that job, we’ve been working on doing a little bit more editing to the movie. Cutting out scenes that slow the film down, stuff like that. Once Tom finishes the film up (by the end of September, most likely) we’ll be able to get back to work on it.

We’ve also been plotting our film festival strategy, too.

We brought on a Film Festival Coordinator, Leah Deveau (who also plays the Mark Twain House Tour Guide in the movie!), and we’re working to put a list of festivals together we think would want Rising Star. And we’ve already sent the film off to the grand-daddy of them all – Sundance! (Now I know what you’re thinking – the film’s not done yet! That’s okay, because Sundance accepts works-in-progress for consideration.

Even though the film’s not completely done, it’s far enough along that you can see what the whole thing would look like. Hopefully, they’ll like what they see. 🙂 We’re also planning on submitting to the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas; their deadline is in November, so we’ll be able to work on it a little more before we send it out to them.

I’ve also been snooping around, trying to find places that might be interested in showing Rising Star once it’s finished. I can tell you that the Mark Twain House would LOVE to have us back, and we’ve even gotten a little interest from The Bushnell, in Hartford. That’s in the very early stages, but it could be promising.

Admin note: Contact the Bushnell to express interest in a screening of Rising Star via 860-987-6000.

I’ve also been up to some cool promotional things for the movie, too.

I’ll be in Los Angeles on September 17, talking about the Rising Star Kickstarter campaign at the 2011 Screenwriting Expo! I got asked to speak, along with indie filmmakers Victoria Westcott (Locked in a Garage) and Lucas McNelly (A Year Without Rent), about crowdfunding for indie films, so that’s going to be a blast.

If you happen to find yourself in LA then, come and say hi!

Get tickets at:

I was also interviewed by filmmaker John Hoff for his blog, where I talked about the movie, and the film scene in Connecticut. You can check that out at:

That’s the latest from RS-land.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day, and talk soon!

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