indieWIRE – Project of the Week

From Friday afternoon until Monday morning at 10am the cast and crew of Rising Star along with 500+ other Stars! joined together to push Rising Star into the winners circle in IndieWIRE’s “Project of the Week.” The ground swell of support was humbling.

IndieWIRE released this official announcement: (

Congratulations to “Rising Star” director Marty Lang. The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

Marty will be speaking with SnagFilms soon.

Who or what is SnagFilms?

SnagFilms was founded in 2008, our mission is to bring the world of independent film to broader audiences everywhere. offers thousands of great independent movies and documentaries for free. Our films entertain and inform, engage and inspire, satisfy every taste, encourage discovery, and create community. We offer free online streaming and viewing via a wide range of devices.

They’re online at

Congratulations to The Kitchen and Man-Child teams!

We can’t wait to see your films at the next film fest.