indieWIRE – Project of the Month

Phew! What a day that was!

Almost 600 people voting for Rising Star, in what was a record-breaking performance for one-day polling for indieWIRE.

We’re all amazed, and humbled, by the support everyone’s shown us in this process. I want to thank all of you, again, for taking the time to vote, repost, tweet, call, recruit (our actress, Leah Deveau, actually went to Hartford-area coffee shops, asking people on laptops to vote for us!) and everything else.

This Sundance consult is big; we’ll be able to make our case to the Sundance Film Festival as to why we feel Rising Star should be there. Not many films get that chance. And it’s because of you we’ll have it.

Thank you so much for supporting us!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend. 🙂