Gary Ploski (Chris)

Gary is a Prospect, Connecticut native with over 10 years of stage experience and an MFA in acting from Sarah Lawrence College.

He has performed in each of the Connecticut Film Industry Training Programs from 2008 to 2011. Gary was an Assistant Director of Education and presenter for the 2010 Connecticut Film Festival.

Gary recently won “Best Acting” in OBJECTS OF TIME (Best Film) during the 2011 New Haven, CT 48 Hour Film Project. Follow him in his behind the scenes web series CAST TO CURTAIN.

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Michael Barra (Brent)

Michael is a Durham, Connecticut native, and has been acting in film, television and theatre since he was in middle school.

He has worked with the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program in 2008 and 2009, acting as a lead in the 2008 film GAMERS, and as a supporting actor in the 2009 film TIME’S UP.

He has recently worked on the television series LAW AND ORDER, and LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT.

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Greg Nutcher (Boss)

Greg Nutcher is a retired police detective who has appeared in over 30 films as well as over 25 national and regional television commercials.

Currently Greg can be seen on NBC’s Chiller Channel in three films, most notably “Assault Of The Sasquatch”.

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Gary Craig (Bus Driver)

Actor, Broadcaster, writer and producer. Gary who trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, has worked in Television and Film, most recently in Wallstreet 2 Money Never Sleeps, and The fighter.

He can also be seen in the upcoming season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Gary has entertained Connecticut since 1981 with the number one morning radio show, Craig and Company on 96.5, Tic-Fm.

He is also President of We Ae The Children, a non profit that stages the biggest party in America on Xmas day for kids.

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Sari Gagnon (Jamie)

Sari Gagnon was born, raised, and still lives a stones throw away from Hartford.

After completing intensive training at Circle in the Square Conservatory Theatre on Broadway, Sari has performed in dozens of Independent Films.

Her latest appearance was in a film called “Opponent” co-staring with Jeremy London and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Aside from filming Sari also teaches performing arts classes to elementery school kids all over the state.

Sari is also available at:

Emily Morse (Alyza)

Emily is a Bristol, Connecticut native, and works as an actress, writer, producer, editor and singer.

Her latest short film, SWING VOTE: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?, won Best Short Film at the 2009 Connecticut Film Festival. On this film she worked as an actress, co-writer, producer and editor.

She also records music under the name Emilyis, and is a Music Education Director for the Connecticut Film Festival.

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Luz Ramos (Isabel)

Luz is an actress for film and television, and can most recently be seen in the film AFTER.LIFE, with Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci.

Her work has been seen in GOSSIP GIRL, BROTHERHOOD, and the film THE INVENTION OF LYING.

She also runs the New England Actors Group, a Hartford-based educational company. She is a Connecticut resident.

Luz is also available at:

Darrell Sullivan (M.C.)

Darrell a Wethersfield, CT native working as a musician, actor, writer, producer & entrepreneur.

He is most widely known in Connecticut for his many years of service in the food & beverage industry as owner of Lena’s Pizzaria and Sully’s Pub in Hartford CT.

Sully’s Pub has been the pulse for original music and artistry in Hartford CT since 2000.

Darrell is also available at:

Matt Heron-Duranti (Antonio)

Matt Heron-Duranti is an accomplished actor and writer.

He has recently trained at the Actor’s Gym along with the Meisner method under the tutelage of Lyralen Kaye in Boston, and let’s not forget his background in Irish Liturature.

Matt has appeared in tons of films and commercials all over the New England area.

He is most recognized for his role in “Something Remote” by Broken Wall Films, which won Best Feature and Funniest Flick at the 2009 Silk City Flick Festival in Manchester CT.

Matt is also available at:

Julia Frisoli (Mary)

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Julia moved to Connecticut in 1989. She discovered her passion for acting at Curtain Call Theatre in Stamford.

She can be seen in Disney’s College Road Trip with Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond. She has also worked with Robert DeNiro in the Good Shepherd and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Her television credits include Law & Order, The Sopranos and Ugly Betty.

Julia is a Board Member of Curtain Call Theatre.